Kaa Shaayí fka Káa Sháyee

Creating Connections: Art, Community, Heritage

Kaa Shaayí (Formerly understood as Káa Sháyee), a Tlingit artist, believes that community projects and shared stories contribute to understanding, unity, and respect. This site extends an invitation to explore art and tradition, offering inspiration, education, and healing. It aims to enrich lives and communities by bridging the gap between art and tradition. Here, you’ll find insights into Káa Sháyee’s background, his perspectives on Tlingit culture and art, his art projects, and his involvement in the community. Thank you for supporting Kaa Shaayí’s work—your interest and presence are deeply valued. To those that notice the change in name spelling, that is the result of learning how to more accurately represent the name carried using modern spelling.

Kaa Shaayí in the community

WWU Native American Heritage Month

Kaa Shaayí has been commissioned to create the graphics for WWU’s Native American Heritage Month (NAHM). Additional details coming soon. In the meantime check it out here.

Indigeversal Collective Mural

August 2023, Kaa Shaayí and six other Indigenous artists painted a 150′ wide mural near the Bellingham waterfront. Click here to read about the collaboration mural.

Ancestral Spirits Mural

Kaa Shaayí completed this 600-square-foot mural in downtown Ferndale. Click to read more about this project.

Leaders in Native Education Convening

Kaa Shaayí was selected to create the logo for 2023 Leaders in Native Education Convening (LNEC). Click to read about this project.

Bill Holm Center 2023

Kaa Shaayí returned to the Bill Holm Center at the Burke Museum in May 2023. His research included Tlingit Formline decorated objects, ranging from precontact through early 20th century. The research will assist in creating Formline training resources coming late 2023.

NWIC Foundation 12th Annual Tl’aneq Fundraiser

The Intersection of Tradition and Progress: Learn about Kaa Shaayí’s Contribution at the 2022 Tl’aneq’ Gathering

Bill Holm Center 2022

Kaa Shaayí was selected as a recipient of the Connections to Culture Visiting Researcher Grant from the Bill Holm Center for the Study of Northwest Native Art at the Burke Museum in 2022. The research focused on the museum’s collection of Tlingit paddles. Click to read more about the research.

Ferndale Traffic Box Wrap

Urban Canvases Celebrate Cultural Heritage: Discover Kaa Shaayí’s Role in the Ferndale Utility Box Art Initiative.

Art projects – Commissions & Sales

Artwork Details

Descriptions of artwork created by Kaa Shaayí. Click here to read about them.

Upcoming Events

Kaa Shaayí does not have any events scheduled at this time.

Learn with Kaa Shaayí

Paddle Carving Resources

Kaa Shaayí is working on creating resources for other artists for Tlingit paddle carving. Coming mid-2024.

Formline Art Resources

Kaa Shaayí is working on creating resources for learning and advancing Formline art. Coming early 2024.

Crest for the Clanless

As a clanless Tlingit, Kaa Shaayí has spent much time exploring the impact of not being part of a clan. In response, the Questioning Eye crest was developed. Resources for other clanless Natives is being developed and will be added early 2024.