Káa Sháyee

Complications of two-eyed seeing

2023 Ancestral Spirits Mural

In early 2023, Kevin Lee commissioned artist Káa Sháyee to paint a Tlingit orca mural on his Ferndale location car wash. Kevin has owned Kevin’s Car Wash for nine years which is located in Ferndale by the Nooksack river bridge on Main Street. The Ferndale Arts Commission administered the mural project as part of the Downtown Mural Project and both the Arts Commission and Lee contributed funds to the project.

The 43′ wide mural is titled “Ancestral Spirits” and depicts an orca whale and eagle in Tlingit formline style design. Both Káa Sháyee and Lee are enrolled Tlingit Alaska natives. Káa Sháyee originates from Ketchikan, Alaska, and Lee is from Sitka, Alaska. The mural was completed in early July. Káa Sháyee hopes to collaborate with other local Native artists to do additional mural work in the surrounding area.

Lee is currently doing a facelift on this location, including fresh paint, new signage, and additional lighting. Another mural will be added on the opposite end of the building later this summer.

New Orca Mural Completed in Downtown Ferndale
New mural welcomes visitors to Main Street in Ferndale