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Creating Connections: Art, Community, Heritage

Bringing Art to the Streets of Ferndale

Summer 2022 – In a heartening initiative by the Ferndale Arts Commission, the streets of Ferndale have become a canvas. Nine of the city’s traffic light utility boxes, once standard pieces of infrastructure, now serve as showcases for the work of local artists, subtly infusing the everyday surroundings with creative flair.

Among these community artists, Lara Johnson, Kaa Shaayí, Todd Bruce, Monica Davis Altona, and Jennifer Yates kindly contributed their designs to this project. Alongside their creations, one can also find a replica of a mural from the Ferndale Arts Commission.

Two of these artworks, in particular, hold a special significance. Located at 2254 Douglas Rd, Ferndale, WA 98248, these pieces were created by Kaa Shaayí as a tribute to Lummi Nation. As residents and Lummi Tribal members pass this familiar site, he hopes the artwork brings a moment of joy and a sense of recognition.

This project does more than just brighten up the streets; it resonates with the community’s vibrant spirit and the region’s diverse cultural history. Each piece serves as a window into the creative talent in Ferndale, reflecting the unique artistic styles nurtured within the city.

The collaboration with local artists, Ferndale’s very own TNT Signs, and the residents of Ferndale showcases what can be achieved when a community comes together. It’s a testament to how public art can imbue everyday elements with a touch of the extraordinary. Hopefully, the continued spotlight on local artists living and working in Ferndale will encourage a deeper connection to the city’s art scene.

A stroll around Ferndale now reveals how these traffic light utility boxes have subtly enhanced the city’s charm. These once-ordinary objects now carry a dash of local color and design, reflecting Ferndale’s passion for the arts. As one enjoys the artwork, it becomes evident how art has gracefully woven itself into the cultural, educational, and economic fabric of Ferndale.

Kaa Shaayí’s designs are now available as printed shirts in the shop.

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